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The Maserati sound module arrived today and I just hooked it up. The engine growl is significantly deeper and louder than the Maxhaust sound module. I did not take the car out of the garage though as its snowy/icy/salty here in Wisconsin and I just spent 3 full days putting on a semi-permanent coating over the holidays. (Waxless wash, full rinse & wipedown, Iron-X, Isopropyl wipedown, Carpro Essence with buffer, Carpro Eraser Wipedown, CQuartz UK 3.0 (2 coats with another Eraser wipedown between), Carpro Reload) So I'm in no hurry to get her dirty...

So far the Maserati Sound Module sounds much better than the Maxhaust Sound Module. The weather is supposed to get pretty good here over the weekend (45F and Sunny) so maybe I'll pull her out of the garage and take her for a spin if the roads are dry. I'll also get some comparative audio clips if I can.

One interesting point worth noting! ANYONE should be able to switch between the two sound modules (Maserati and Maxhaust) just by using the connector in the MIDDLE of the harness. You don't have to do the connector mod like I documented since you will continue to use the Bluetooth harness which is already wired into your car. Only the downstream sound module half of the harness gets swapped out when the modules are changed and it has its own connector. IOW: If you already have one of the modules installed, you can very easily switch to the other by simply unplugging one sound module harness and plugging in the other!

I'm still in favor of the connector mod as I think it makes a cleaner install (and you can also easily switch back to factory BMW sound) but if you already have the wiring done, you can easily switch between Maxhaust and Maserati sound modules. All you need to do is reload the car definition through the app once you switch modules.

It should also be noted that they finally released an Android app compatible with the new Maxhaust sound module (and the original Maserati Module).

If you broke the BMW pins when trying to insert them into the "Blue Connector", Maxhaust can also send you replacement pins if you want to try and do my connector conversion. This would let you effectively rebuild your BMW wiring harness if you have a crimper, soldering iron, and some patience. As I was ordering the Maserati module from them anyway, I asked them if they had any (they did) and if they could send them to me (they would) before I did the conversion just in case I broke mine while trying to remove them from the Blue Connector (I didn't). (I ended up doing a very destructive "forensic autopsy" on the Blue Connector to extract them to avoid breaking them as I wasn't going to reuse the blue connector anyway...)

So... If you are happy with your current wiring and want to try the "other" sound module, you should know they are plug and play compatible! If you messed up your pins, and still want to implement the "connector upgrade", then Maxhaust can include the pins when your order the "other" module. (Just ask nicely...)