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There are two default profiles provided for the i8. "BMW i8 2013+" and "BMW i8 2013+ (Onhe Hybrid Mode)".

- If you choose the "BMW i8 2013+" profile you will get External Exhaust sound even when the ICE isn't running.

- If you choose the "BMW i8 2013+ (Onhe Hybrid Mode)" profile you will only get exhaust sound when the ICE is running.

The primary problem (with the i8 implementation) is that if you don't pick the right mode to start with you can never effectively dial it in. Since there is an "IDLE" setting, all that happens (with the "wrong" config) is that the external sound plays the defined idle sound (when the ice is NOT running). IOW, You can effectively set what you want the car to sound like "at idle", but only the "Ohne Hybrid" mode is smart enough to completely shut OFF the sound when the ICE is not running (and not just play the idle sound). Most of my playing around has been with the Maxhaust sound module so you might want to confirm this. (I also had some firmware issues along the way). It would also be really interesting to plug in a wireless OBD monitor to see how data (RPM) changes on the CANBUS as the ICE turns on/off. This is, after all, one of the things that Maxhaust is monitoring (also Sport/ECO/Comfort mode changes).

As I now have the Maserati module as well (and my connector "upgrade" also allows me to easily re-enable the BMW factory sound), I will revisit ALL of this when I get my sound samples to analyze. I expect to learn a bunch along the way and help eliminate some of my subjectivity via digital analysis. I'm sharing all of this in case other folks want to "play along" (thank you), but I'm pretty sure my next step has to be to get some sound samples to help avoid (my) speculation...

Remember, a lot of what you are hearing in the cabin of the i8 is the internally generated sound - not the externally emulated sound. Even without my "connector upgrade", you should be able to get an idea of just how overwhelming the BMW internal sound is just by unplugging the MIDDLE connector in the Maxhaust harness. (This will eliminate ALL externally emulated sound) Do that and drive around a bit. Your car will still sound great but its all from the inside. How much difference do YOU hear when you plug the middle connector back in? Can you easily hear the external sound? How much difference do you hear?

Its all well and good for the driver to be happy with the sound inside the car. But isn't the whole point of the upgraded Maxhaust sound kit to upgrade the sound OUTSIDE the car? The question is, how well can you hear the external sound from inside the car? I have to kinda work to mentally separate the two and I think we might be able to do better by making a few adjustments. What does that car driving along side you hear?

In actuality, my hearing really isn't all that good (just ask my Wife). Maybe its specifically BECAUSE of my aging hearing that I'm being so fussy about all this. (Maybe its also because I have nothing better to do during the long Wisconsin Winter...) In any case, I think it does takes a bit of work to selectively evaluate (discriminate) the external sound while driving the i8 as the internal emulated sound is so prevalent.

I just want my i8 to sound just as great on the outside as it does on the inside!

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