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E drive not available?

Maybe nothing guys but happend a few times now?

Only seems to happen after a full overnight charge and on my 8 mile commute to work in a morning.

I get about 3 miles into the journey and a steady speed when it announces 'Max E drive not available' and switches it off when there is plenty of miles left?

This only happens on the way to work but not on the way home and i can achieve any speed (60 mph+) without a problem?

I can turn it back on and seems happy to stay back on so not really a problem but just wondered if anyone else has this and why?

I thought i read somewhere that E-drive is only available up to about 50Mph but i regularly drive 60-70 in E-drive on the way home so didnt think that was the reason!

Maybe that it just doesnt like mornings like me!! Lol