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Originally Posted by Swiss tone View Post
Didn't do it this morning guys and only occasional, couple of times a week maybe.

I wouldn't get to work and back purely on electric so usually half way through the journey home it runs out normally and the ICE comes on anyway (so it does get used every day).

Nice to have a longer electric range but not much chance of that eh. Not sure how anyone can use it for long without the engine! Is that possible
Yes, didn't use much fuel yet

I bought it because my commute (8 or 36 km a day depending on office or travel) fits the battery, for me it's an EV with maybe two long distance drives on fuel a year. And it needs to prove itself on the Nordschleife in the Summer. Not at Supercar level but below 9 min. to earn the Nordschleife badge (tradition for all my cars).