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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
I regret selling mine a few years ago.

My current desktop (which hasn't even been turned on in 3.5 years) is so outdated I need to build from scratch. Add in triple monitors, new pedal/wheels, and the rig itself. I'm going to be in for $4-5k to build it like I want.
In the same boat, in the process of piecing things together but the price tag keeps going up. wondering how to explain to my wife the initial 3-4k is now double lol

I'm waiting on the new Nvidia cards before I get a PC but so far:

Rig: trakracer tr160
Fanatec DD2 + Porsche gt3 wheel
Heusinkveld sprint pedals
Monitor - still debating on 3x32 1440p or 49 Ultrawide
PC - estimated 2500