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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
I can't do the wheelstand, not stable enough. Especially when paired with an office chair.

I've been trying to find where I could skimp on the budget to start sooner, but I can't find a ton. The fold up Playseat would be better, but it's still $250, still need a way to mount 3 monitors.

I wish Fanatec still had their entry level seat and wheels like I had purchased back in 2014.
Definitely need a fixed bottom chair to do the wheel stand. I went through the very same dilemma when Covid began. I already had an Xbox and didn't want to spend $6k on a full rig when wasn't sure whether I would still be into it after a few months.

Bought the Logitech G920 wheel/pedals and GT Omega Apex wheel stand. All in it was ~$500 shipped to my door in a few days. Months later, I'm still playing and enjoying being able to fold up the stand and put it out of the way.

We are planning to buy a new house in the next few months and will have an additional area for a full rig then. Once settled, I'll ditch the Logitech and stand and move up to a DD Fanatec setup, rigid seat, 3-monitors, etc. But now I know, and it only cost me a few hundred to get started..
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