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Originally Posted by asrautox View Post
Definitely need a fixed bottom chair to do the wheel stand. I went through the very same dilemma when Covid began. I already had an Xbox and didn't want to spend $6k on a full rig when wasn't sure whether I would still be into it after a few months.

Bought the Logitech G920 wheel/pedals and GT Omega Apex wheel stand. All in it was ~$500 shipped to my door in a few days. Months later, I'm still playing and enjoying being able to fold up the stand and put it out of the way.

We are planning to buy a new house in the next few months and will have an additional area for a full rig then. Once settled, I'll ditch the Logitech and stand and move up to a DD Fanatec setup, rigid seat, 3-monitors, etc. But now I know, and it only cost me a few hundred to get started..

My thing is, over the last couple decades playing with cars, it's always more expensive to buy the compromise setup, then get what you really want later.