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Great - looking forward to seeing your review as I have been thinking about the same for a while . My BMW dealer told me that the version 1.0 was crap , but that they have fitted version 2 to an I8 with good results . Whilst there clearly seem to be cheaper and better dash cams out there , I like the way the BMW one is integrated into the cars existing system .
If possible it might be useful to try to be there when they finally stick the front camera on the windscreen to be happy with the results . There are some threads on this forum for other BMW models , including the mounting instructions and the phone app . From memory they seem to recommend putting the camera a bit too low ( on the passenger side ) of the rear view mirror where i suspect it interferes more than necessary with the passenger view . I am not sure whether its important to avoid mounting on the “ frits “ - the black dots baked into the windshield , which might have some function in relation to the automatic wiper rain sensing function ?
Good luck !