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I too am more of a console guy and prefer PS4 due to GT (I've been playing it off and on for years).
I have had steering wheels in the past and nothing special at all (Thrustmaster and mounted to a table).
Recently, I upgraded to the Thrustmaster T-GT and really like it. Fanatec is extremely good and offers more options with steering wheels etc ($$$).
The best part of my recent upgrade is my chassis (RSeat). It is super sturdy and offers a ton of adjustments for my kid and her friends to drive as well.
For you to just upgrade to an actual steering wheel and pedals will make a huge difference. It has for me in the past and has for my friends who've only played with a controller.
I do leave the rig unused for a bit in between playing now due to summer being outdoors a ton. But jumping back into the seat with friends and their kids is epic! It's always there and not a ton of out of pocket costs.
I love it and have zero regrets.
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