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Dashcam UPS / fuse - power only when charging?

Hi all,

I'm wanting to install a front and rear dashcam, and power both off a UPS so as to not affect the battery range. I also want to only power the dashcams for x many hours after the car has been driven / park mode, so that all the footage isn't overwritten overnight etc. A few questions if people know:

1. A little tricky here:
I want the cameras to be powered from the car and turned on when the car is driven. (So drivers footage from alternator/internal power)
I want the cameras to be powered from the UPS when the car is off when in park mode. (Parked footage from UPS only not internal battery)
I want the UPS to charge when the car is charging from the mains OR when the car is being driven/on, but I don't want the UPS to be draining the battery of a parked car. Is this possible? Would it be a combination of fuses that trigger the difference behaviours? Which are the best fuses to tap into?

2. Are there any cameras that go into park mode for a preset number of hours/certain times (I park at work from 8am -> 7pm, I don't need the camera recording when I park up at home).

3. What brand cameras/UPS do people recommend?

Thanks again!

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