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Thread resurrection.

An interesting thing to note - if the ICE has been turned on from cold, I've noticed a few interesting things.
1. The ICE has to run for a minimum amount of time once activated, usually around 2-3 minutes. This means 'No e-drive available' for a few minutes. This presumably is to stop you turning on the ICE then immediately killing power to it, from a cold start.
2. The ICE needs to run for a few moments with minimal load. It will not engage warp speed/sports mode until it has. As an example, I'll run e-drive for the first 5-10 minutes. Then when it goes from 50mph (e-drive) to 70mph on the dual carriage way I'll put it in sport, floor it and.....nothing.

I need to engage sports mode for a good 30 seconds prior before doing this otherwise there is no power at all. Presumably a self protection mechanism.

Interesting once the ICE is at temperature you can activate/de-activate the ICE/e-drive at will and it will seemingly turn off instantly. I imagine there is still a minimal amount of chugging over in the background from the ICE and it won't completely kill the ICE in order to maintain a minimum constant operating temperature.