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I have the Asus PG348Q, but that's a little higher than your budget. I loved it, although I've recently migrated my whole environment to a 55 inch Samsung Q70T TV with a power recliner and I can't say I miss the ultrawide monitor that much. Filling up your entire central vision with screen is hard to beat.

If I was to give any feedback, with a RTX 2070, you're going to want the highest refresh rate display you can get for your budget. I'd also say G-Sync is more or less a must. Never dealing with screen tearing is the best feature you can get on PC gaming. You're not going to be satisfied with 75 Hz refresh rate if you're at 144 Hz now. If you were local I'd just sell you my Asus monitor for that price, but I threw away the box and the curved display makes shipping too high of a risk.
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