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Originally Posted by Adofred View Post
Hi , just wondering if you went ahead and installed the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 and if so your thoughts on it ?
Many thanks Adrian
I got the cameras installed and my thoughts:
  • They are larger than I'd like, but that's dash cams
  • The rear one on the i8's back glass sucks (see photos), but there's no other real position for it
  • The voice telling me it's activated is in English with a German accent -- how cool is that?!
  • The app (ACE 2.0) is not intuitive at all -- my daughter's $100 el-cheapo BlueSkySea has a better application than BMW's.
  • It's 60 FPS (frames per second) ONLY IF the front dash is activated, otherwise it's 30 FPS for front and back
  • The radar in park mode works a treat - and comes on every time I enter my garage. The dash cam also blinks to let people know they're being recorded.
  • The installation into the car required my local BMW taking out a lot of trim - but to their credit they only charged me what they quoted
  • It makes me feel a lot better since there's a lot of idjits on the road that drive up close behind me or cut in front - and they're all caught on film
When I was at the car wash I decided to take quick photos of the dash cam. I'm not a good photographer and it seemed something to pass the time.

PS: I use the water sprayer only and not the soapy broom - and not the multicoloured wax either. I've got a clear wrap on my car and bugs etc. spray off pretty well with the water sprayer.
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