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Originally Posted by Mr Squarekins View Post

I've been quoted by bmw for extended warranty both annual payment and monthly. The monthly is more than double, what it would be annually which seems odd. Its normally more but not that much.

Who else in the uk pays monthly and what do you pay please?


Hi - I recently had this dilemma - at 55k miles. An additional issue here being you cannot purchase an 'i' extended warranty after 60k miles. And I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep it for (it's 5 years old and I've had it for three)

My decision (and with agreement from bmw) was to purchase the annual (around a grand with recovery and 100 excess) and then cancel at 59.5k where i get a pro rata refund (providing i haven't claimed) . At this point i then either purchase the annual or monthly depending on what i plan to do with the car next year.

The benefit of the monthly is that if you take it out before 60k you can just keep it going all the way up to 100k. In contrast the annual for me would cover me to around 80k miles and then i'd be stuck.

In context, I do 20k mile a year. Hope this helps. And the car has been very, very reliable. Just a cracked coolant thing to sort.