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Originally Posted by MolarBear View Post
That looks smart, if a little larger than what most people would prefer. How's the battery life in park mode?
It operates on the main battery and seems to be pretty good. It will deactivate when it detects too much drain on the main battery. Anecdotally, when I drive and park the car at lunchtime one day, when I enter the garage the following day the rear camera begins its activation.

The only time I saw them shutdown was when I put a cover on the car (I assume it activated the radar) for 3-4 days.

From the manual:
The park mode is activated as soon as the ignition is switched off.If the vehicle detects vibration or movement in front of the radar sensors, a 20 second sequence is recorded in each case.Videos that are recorded as a result of vibration are saved in the "Event" folder, and videos that are recorded as a result of movement are saved in the "Parking" folder on the SD card.In park mode, the device monitors its own energy consumption and the condition of the car battery, and it switches off when the threshold value is reached, for safety reasons, in order to protect the battery and to keep your vehicle ready for use.
Other than being larger than life, and the cam talking English in a German accent, it operates very well.