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Noob Question: What Desktop to Buy?

Full disclaimer I know nothing about computers so if you could keep that in mind with any responses I would appreciate. Also based on that I am not looking to build my own computer, I would rather buy.

So I am looking at getting into iRacing and Assetto Corsa this winter on PC vice current XBox only. That said I am trying to get budget down so I can afford tires and other parts for an actual race car. Looking at the mid level requirements for iRacing and preferred for Assetto Corsa I found the following entry level PC's at Best Buy:

Would either one of these be enough for decent graphics and have necessary processing speed? Would you be able to run three screens off one of these or would you need an upgraded graphics card? Other suggestions within a reasonable price range?

I am trying to keep the initial PC price under $1500 and will only be running one screen to start but I would like to be able to run either a ultrawide or triples in the future. Thanks for the help/input.