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I am getting an ever increasing hybrid drive problems. 8 months ago, my 2016 i8 experienced a complete hybrid drive failure resulting in a complete system (except actual motor) replacement. It hasn't been right since! Car is parked in a heated garage. Symptoms - Press start- about half the time the ICE fires up and won't shut off for a while- This is new. Firmware update with new replacement? E-drive disengages randomly. This is new. More often now, e-drive is unavailable even with plenty of charge. This is new. Recently, while coasting in eco-pro with the regen showing about half - the throttle was disengaged giving me no throttle response - switching to straight comfort drive made no difference. I had to engage sport to recover control. This is the latest new! Something is wrong! First, when things change with no explanation, something is wrong. Second, if the diagnostic shows nothing, the conclusion is that the system is working fine. If your technician can replicate the problem, without a code to work with, their hands (minds) are tied. That- I can't fix it if it says its fine is frustrating. It is of little comfort when a computer fixes a problem with no evidence of the problem? I took photos of the dash during the problem. Once again, without codes, no problem- obviously I had to have photo shopped right? The car is with the technician. Without codes and no other car similar car to drive, how would they know what "normal" is? I am convinced that the Hybrid Drive Control unit is faulty and not telling. Buying another unit to A/B mine with sounds expensive..... Good news! The Hybrid drive system has an 8 year warranty! My advice- be fussy, note the weird things that happen and the situation. Eventually, as more cars experience issues, and are shared on forums, the techs will be able to solve these mysteries. Normal is only when everyone's experience is the same.