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I know this is an old thread but I attempted my hand at installing the maxhaust sound booster to my 2015 i8 coupe (no maserati module). Been following the instructions provided to me by Maxhaust, and from this DIY thread which has helped immensely. But strangely enough, when I try to connect the fuse adapter to fuse 55, it does not seat fully. It seems like the adapter is blocked out by the plastic housing around the fuses. I tried to take a decent photo to show what I'm saying but it was difficult. I also noticed that the location of my fuse 55 based on my diagram provided inside the car is different than the location shown in the photo on this thread and from Maxhaust's. Such that mine is at the top of the column of fuses as compared to the middle of the column as seen here. Could I just be using the wrong fuse? This is my first DIY installation but I was not afraid to attempt this, so sorry for the beginner's confusion. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit* So I kinda just jammed it in even though it does not seat fully, and I confirmed that I get power. However, when I open up the app it states that the speakers cannot be detected, but it can detect the app/sound booster/bluetooth/canbus. Anyone have an idea whats going on?
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