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Originally Posted by BimmerRookie View Post
If you can wait, wait until November or December. Nvidia launched their 3000 series GPUs and they blow any current GPU out of the water, for a fraction (yes, truly a fraction) of the current costs. Pre-builts will start using them once produciton ramps up on those cards.

However, out of the two links you posted above, the second link is much better as the 2060Super>>>>1660Super. Additionally, the 2060Super only has 2 display port outloets/1HDMI, where as the 1660S has 1DP/1HDMI. (so really you can't display to triples ever on these cards).
I thought one of the benefits of DP outlets is that you can daisy chain them. So tripples off of one port should be possible if your monitors support it.

Agree that OP should wait for the 3000 series cards.
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