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Originally Posted by IAMONEILL View Post
Pat, love the video's that you post.
I had an idea regarding the changing of the i8 transmission fluid so that you don't need to remove the stiffening plate each time.
The next time that you remove that plate, measure from the 4 most distant torx bolt holes (in 4 quadrants) in the body to the transmission drain plug. Then, with a hole saw, drill an appropriate size hole in the stiffening plate at the location of the drain plug, located by using those measurement's on the same 4 bolt holes on the plate before reinstalling the plate. I don't think that the hole would have a structural impact on the plate. You could even make a cover for the hole in the plate to keep out debris.
What do you think?
That exact thought went through my head after seeing exactly where the transmission plug was located. However, because this is a stiffening plate, and I don't know what forces are being applied to each area of the plate, I would be turning my car into a research and development platform. Because I daily it, I don't want to risk causing a problem for myself. But if anyone wants to try it, I'm eager to hear about the results.
I daily drive my BMW i8 and enjoy doing my own service. If you're interested, please follow along on my journey to maintain and improve my i8.