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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
You may want to check with your local jewelers as many sell pre-owned watches. Similarly, you can Google the web for "pre-owned Omega Speedmaster" Tourneau is a very reliable seller of pre-owned watches and as a national chain, they may well have something in one store that can be obtained by the one close to you.

Here are some helpful resources: &

Here are some other sellers of used watches, but I have no sense of them or whether to buy from them. I think it safe to say that if an outfit has a brick and mortar location, they are likely a good place to buy from.

Lastly, I will say that I am always very skeptical about buying pre-owned watches over the www, particularly pricey ones. There are just far too many easy ways to get taken and that would tick me off a lot if it happened and it would be very hard to obtain recourse if it did. Just as a simple example, the seller could easily have an authentic watch and provide you tons of pics of it, but actually send you a fake.

Several things that make me concerned:
1 - Seller doesn't accept credit cards.
2 - Seller doesn't accept checks.
3 - Seller doesn't use PayPal or some other payment mode allowing the buyer some recourse.
4 - Seller only wants wire transfers
5 - Seller asks you to mark the payment as a gift, for any reason. You lose your recourse when you do that.
6 - Seller is outside your home country. Could cause customs issues.

Good luck and all the best.
Wow thanks for all the info!! I've started contacting local jewelers and after talking to a few, realized I need to do a lot more research if I'm looking for an older model. There's a Torneau right up the street from me but their prices seem a lot higher than other locals. Those are great links and I'll probably now spend half my day reading through them!!