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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
From being slightly shiny to that 'just left the factory' finish is enough for me
I would think once a year would be enough and that the spring time would be the ideal time to apply it before the heat.
You nailed it again my friend . But for me with my job , it's when I find the necessary time to do it .
Mostly I can plan actually ...."Nothing"
The weather predictions for june and august are very hot , probably with heat waves like last year ...It was crazy hot , with lack of water everywhere !
The heat from the sun is clearly changed in the last 5 years . It's now already crazy hot to stay or to work in the sun .
No doubt the climate changed in too hot . We get no winters anymore . And in summer the heat followed by (tropical) thunderstorms are very dangerous !
Last year we got several nights with crazy heavy thunderstorms .During the night it was like WW-II outside ...I had to drive at the company at 4:30 AM with fallen tries and mudflows over the roads !
It was terrible !

I always try to park my car in the shadow ,always out of the sunlight !
Because this kind of strong sunlight is very bad for the paint , rubber window sealings , and leather from our cars ...
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