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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I had a full red baseball cap which I used to wear for race meetings and recently working in the garden, it's turned pink/orange from the sun.
The post office vans used here were shiny post box red three or four years old they are all MATT RED and fading, you HAVE to buy a metallic paint coloured car for paint longevity. It's important to wear a hat now in blazing sunshine and long light slacks when about also I have long sleeved polo shirts to save the arms! -when the sun is dangerous.
I couldn't agree more my friend !
My car is Silverstone II . That's metallic paint . But like I said I park her always in the shadow anyway .

Regarding the heat waves : As you know my job at the company is all about injection molding .
The hotrunners of our injection molding systems are running with a temperatuur between 335 and 400 "Celsisus" !
Imagine the heat during the heat waves at the company . Last year we saw temps between 45 and 50 Celsisus inside the company !
The AC we didn't felt anymore . Every hour we got 10 min. extra break .
I drank +/- 4 liters of water at work , came home a drank everything what was cold of my refrigerator !
And I peed only once in 10 hours ...
So...It was not funny anymore . I'm already afraid from what is coming this summer !
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