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My UKM5 and MBelgium friends -
So great to read all the threads you posted and to see and hear the great conversations occurring.

We spent today (Mother's Day) celebrating from a safe distance in our back yard with our two daughters (39 and 36) and our two grand-children-boys (3.5 yrs and 1.5 yrs)....such a great brunch on our covered patio and time to catch up with each-other. After they left and clean-up was finished, we drove to my wife's mother's home (23 miles one way) to take her flowers for Mother's Day; her mother will be 96 next week and lives on her own but is experiencing significant health issues and has a projected 6 months or less to live; after taking the flowers I took my wife down to the Gig Harbor waterfront

and we enjoyed a drink on a park bench in VERY HOT weather for the Great Pacific Northwest (86F or 30C) but a wonderful breeze kept it nice.

UKM5 -
The M5 leather is simply awesome! I really need to get some Leatherique and take care of the Red Roadster.

MBelgium -
Agreed, the weather continues to get warmer and warmer....I can't imagine 40-50C temperatures at work! Does Belgium's occupational safety and health laws prevent this very high temperature for workers? In the US, it is called a is a formula base upon a table of temperatures and how long a worker is exposed to them to determine if the worker is safe.

Indeed, the Nixon era....there are no words for a "leader" that is recorded to have said keep the Vietnam war alive and keep the body bags coming and then I'll end the war....when I'm newly re-elected and the American public will consider me a hero....the horror of these words.
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