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Originally Posted by Sea-Tac View Post
Fair question. Lets look at a few facts:

Fact 1: Russian energy minister Novak has said that politics should not enter into these discussions about planned Russian infrastructure expansion.

Fact 2: Russia plans to double their annual natural gas output to over 100 billion cubic meters per year.

Fact 3: Russia has routinely frozen natural gas deliveries to parts of Europe.

Fact 4: Russia has a history of punishing their own territories and states with excessive rates, and, not to mention deadly military action.

Fact 5: With numerous violations of international law, Russia annexed Crimea from the Ukraine and restricted flow of NG to the region, murdered innocent civilians with their military interference in the Crimea, and, among other things, meddled in the US elections of 2016 ó (all of which Russia has denied).

Opinion: Facts 1: typical Russian deflection statement, naive too;

Opinion: Facts 2 through 5: Russian political interference, divisiveness , oppression and coercion on sovereign nations, particularly those in the eastern sector.

Is it surprising the west is imposing economic sanctions by invoking provisions of CAATSA?

Is it any wonder why countries donít view Russia as a reliable nation to deal with?
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