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Originally Posted by Sea-Tac View Post
I stated facts.

236 civilians died in conflict related violence since Russia caused the Crimean conflict between 2014 and 2016. As of 2016 the overall death total in the conflict was 9160 according to the United Nations.
When a person speaks so loudly that he stated facts, he usually applies and proofs.
You did not put any proofs, I wonder why? Probably you were just shy about leading irrefutable facts?
I'm attaching your proof, which you somehow lost, here it is - an article in Wikipedia:
This is your reliable fact - an article in Wikipedia written by hundreds of authors?
And why did you choose the English version of Wikipedia, or do you not know that in Wikipedia you can write anything and it exists in many languages?
Why did not you take as a basis the Ukrainian version of these events?Жерт..._(з_2014)
Or the Russian version of events in the Crimea?Крымский_кризис

Or is the English version "the most correct"?)