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Originally Posted by bimmerjph
Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
WOW, some of you guys just really miss the point of this's to help BMW meet the upcoming EPA MIles per gallon rules.
At the rate this car will sell, its impact on BMW's CAFE numbers will be negligible at best.

Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
it's a HALO car and it shows BMW is sensitive to some of it's customers needs and yes even tech SAVY dude who look like Waldo like BMW's.....and they will buy it and rave ....I for one like the car it shows the company has heart.
The problem is that BMW is being very selective about which customers they are sensitive too. So yeah... I am going to whine until I get what I want just like the west coast liberals whined until they get what they wanted.
It's not like BMW has access to nearly unlimited info about its existing clientele, nor would they have a massive marketing department dedicated to researching product decisions like this.

I think you should write them a letter and tell them what to do since you sound pretty confident.
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