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Originally Posted by 2011M3MD View Post
Perhaps, the technology of a cf monocoque in a mainstream production car is being missed in all these harsh criticisms. That is what marketing this car is all about, in my view. Add that to the concept of homologation. Now, you have the best platform to enter a car into the DTM or possibly LeMans series type of the future.

Hybrid competition will be lost on any of the M series autos we know, they are so heavy a not rigid, by comparison. Competing against the i8 platform will be the demise of all BMW's competitors, in the future hybrid rules of sports auto competitions given this platform's advancement. Only Porsche has a chance, and their car is significantly heavier. 200+ lbs will swap out the 3-cyl for a 6-cyl, 400-600 hp engine - for competition.

I see a winner in this innocent and feeble looking i8. The underpinnings are of a supercar. I remember reading of BMW toying with cf monocoque 10 yrs ago for a very low production. Now, it is in a mainstream product.

Low MPG is dead. The future is quiet, fast and lightweight. I hate that future, too. But a company has to make a living. Look at Kodak. No more film = no more Kodak. No more low mpg = ?

Take a careful look at the side shot of the stripped-down car. Is it not just like the supercars like mclaren or Koenigsegg make? The i8 will allow to bring a lot of tech into other future cars, for consumers and competition.
Well put. And I like that you put Lemans and DTM in this cars path because I foresee the same potential there. I don't think that this car will lead to a demise in other competitors as much as we think. Others will try to mimic and invent their own so to speak.
I would love to see this thing go to lemans and rule the world, quite frankly I'm sick of Audi running the show.

But respectively so well deserved. Porsche yes definitely. Even though its the same roof but different division Audi has to be in the mix. And here is another thought, Toyota. They gave Audi hell at Lemans, something not many saw coming with their strategy. And guess who's sharing tech with Toyota? You guessed it . Lets see what happens.

To get back on track, I think the car is pretty cool and I like what it represents. I won't get it, well frankly I can't afford it if its $125k. I have to stick to what I can so my near future BMW=M235i, M2(if ever built) or M3. But I'll be enjoying every second I'm behind the wheel of them .
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