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and actually with regards to my comment above I'd love to know which chain gyms everybody works out in.
I go to Equinox. My gym is always clean, not a lot of grunters, in the early am absolutely nobody hits on eachother. In fact most people get there work out in quick and get out without speaking much. Lots of annoying trainers but otherwise a very pleasant environment to work out in with a lot of great "gym friends" who have been going at the same time with me for 5-10 years so we say hello and will chat quickly but never screw each others work outs up. One big caveat about Equinox: they are VERY worried about being politically correct which has caused some issues. I busted a guy videotaping with his phone in the locker room and when I grabbed the phone he had 64 minutes of running footage (long story how this all played out, it got a bit dramatic). Found out later multiple members had already complained about the dude but Equinox didn't want to offend him so never approached him or suspended him until after I dragged him down the stairs by his shirt collar. We also had a guy with open sores that would bleed on the machines and it took WEEKS to get management to do something about this guy because they were worried it was related to a certain politically sensitive illness and didn't want to start a PR war.