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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
That is what we call crossfit. Sure it is a good cardio workout, but you can't gain any real strength doing those workouts. You need to be able to do compound lifts at lower reps, otherwise you are going for a great feminine body shape. Been there, done that, hard but not any harder than a good lifting routine. A good lifting routine gives me much better results than crossfit ever did. Everyone is targeting something different though so before you come in here acting like you know everything.. take your own advice, shut up and listen.
I wouldn’t necessarily say those are “CrossFit” workouts. Body weight workouts were around long before CrossFit. Greg Glassman just incorporated that style, amongst others, into his brand of training program.

To clarify....What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to help ppl gain a broad and general fitness. Programming concentrates on CONSTANTLY VARIED FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS PERFORMED AT HIGH INTENSITY TO ACHIEVE OVERALL PHYSICAL FITNESS. Thus in theory one would be prepared for any physical challenge.

Basically, Jack of all trades masters of none.

I’ve done CrossFit since 2009, but have recently moved to more functional fitness mixed with some power/Olympic lifts. Fitness is what you make it. We all have different goals and expectations. But the bottom line is for the everyday Joe or Jane workingout should be about YOUR fitness and making your body a more healthy efficient machine!!!!