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Originally Posted by jeffblue View Post
Beast. what was your best 1rm squat/bench/dl at what weight?

eating really is a chore... this is why i think its funny when people make it seem like maintaining some manorexic physique (or lackthereof) is difficult. its a lot harder to eat 4-5k calories a day than it is to make sure you eat less than 2 thousand. fat loss is simple math. Muscular hypertrophy and strength training is not. lift big and don't eat enough you don't get stronger (or bigger). Eat enough but dont train properly you don't get stronger (or bigger).

Also the whole trend of maintaining some ridiculously shredded physique while putting on pound of muscle every year without using drugs is such a farce. no, you don't have to become a fat fuck to get strong, but you're not gonna be ready for a bodybuilding show when your main focus is building muscle. everyone is obsessed with getting shredded now. Takes months/weeks to cut, takes YEARS to build muscle.
Best deadlift in competition was 700lbs, which I did in two separate shows a couple of years apart. Belt and chalk only, grip and rip.

Squat not my best lift. I usually train high bar and probably could do mid 500s. Marbe low 600s if I switched back to low bar/PL style.

Press is usually overhead in strongman. Have done 310lb 12" log a few times and muscle snatched a 275lb 2" axle for a couple of reps in one contest (always a crowd favorite). Have done 445 bench press in the gym just messing around and more in the tank.

My best strongman events were farmers carry (I've done 355 per hand for 80 feet) and carry events (usually 250lb+ sandbags and kegs) for speed and time.

I usually competed at 315-335lb bodyweight depending on the particular contest's events, whether there were more static/power events or more moving events

Thanks for the nudge, I'm getting juiced up a bit just writing about this stuff. I feel a good work-out coming on tonight. Maybe I'll start a comeback and come out of retirement.

Here's a vid from a local contest. The workouts we used to do to get ready for these things were just brutal.

Road course laptimes for BMW M4 2015 6MT
WHP East Track: 1:04.880, Arizona Motorsports Park: 1:54.352
Road course laptimes for Porsche 911 991.1 GTS 7MT
WHP East Track: 1:02.770, Arizona Motorsports Park: 1:48.889