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Saturday is my only day to be able to do fasted cardio due to my work schedule. I get up Saturday morning and drink some water with lemon to get my system going, get to the gym and do a little weight resistance before starting my cardio. Ten minutes in, this guy that has been a friend of the family comes up and starts talking my head off. I'm not sure how everyone else, but I go hard on my cardio, headphones in, loud angry music and focused. Most days I try to do HIIT but usually depends on how I'm feeling after working 10 hours. Saturday I had planned on just doing an hour straight. Normally on days that I do just a straight hour I usually go 4 miles and burn somewhere between 775 and 850 calories. This bastard talked to me for 20 minutes and I barely got 3.5 miles and just a little over 650 calories. I was pissed.

So my new annoying thing at the gym is people who want to talk to you during your cardio......or perhaps just people at the gym in general.