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We have a large mat to do ab work at my gym right near a turf area. The mat is probably 30'x20' so plenty of room. I was doing lunges on the turf followed by some ab work on the mat, the mat touches the turf where I was standing to do lunges, so I was essentially just sitting down right onto the mat to do my ab work. This out of shape bum ass trainer comes over like he owns the place, takes the area that I was using to do abs along with a third of the mat. I mean come the fuck on I was the only guy on the mat and I'm standing literally a foot away. Then to further piss me off by incorrectly instructing someone how to do ab work by adding weight when they don't even know how to do the movement properly without weight.... I proceeded to sit down in the same spot I was doing my ab work previously, I was basically on top of them, all pissed off and continued my workout. Didn't say a word, they eventually moved.

end rant