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Originally Posted by McBride View Post
Tonka - you've got too much money haha some very pricey wheels on those bikes.

I currently own lapierre and specialized. However if I was to buy another bike I would be looking at either trek or Santa Cruz, most probably a remedy or bronson/nomad.

Road bike wise my spec is ok but I would love a trek Domane.
I've always been intrigued by Stanta Cruz bikes.

My road bike is in transit last weekend and this week. I've been riding my Mtn bike in it's absence. That's one heavy SOB! I'm only getting about 25 miles on it
during the same time frame i'd get 38-40 on my road bike. haha have to ride it tonight and tomorrow as well....

Don't get me wrong, i like riding it in the environment it's meant to be ridden, but it''s no fun grinding up the pavement with those wide tires for 2 hours.
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