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Originally Posted by hellrotm View Post
Durant practiced today. It would be hilarious if he played and blew the raptors out 3 straight games. Durant haters(aka the media) would have to eat it. Pulling for Kawhi though, seems like a good guy. He just bought a home in Toronto. Media would lose it if he stayed in the small market. Sorry Bron bron.
What Fantasy you guys have
I predicted Raptors in 5 games and people thought I was Crazy.
even with Durant, Golden state has no shot at beating this Toronto team 3 straight games. thats wishful thinking

Look at the starting lineup of the raptors. they start 4 guys Green/ Kawhi/ Siakam/ Gasol that stand 6'7 or taller.....
Ibaka comes in off the bench at 6'10
All these guys can shoot threes, can pass, are excellent defenders and can play on the perimeter or inside (well except green on the inside)
I knew there was no way the warriors were going to overcome that, that frontline is too big, too versatile and too skilled for the wariors

you think Durant not playing for a month, is going to come into the Finals and be able to go against Kawhi Leonard?...

Durant is not coming back, i think his injury is worse than they are letting on......