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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
Buying used seems to be a good way to go. I like to buy "mint" but a few years old, this way you skip the depreciation and go right into appreciation. I paid $4800 for my Submariner a year and a half ago, and they're going for quite a bit more than that now (Z series). Unfortunately that watch was destroyed in my motorcycle crash. I replaced it with a Panerai (Pam 0072) that is already worth more than I paid.

Monday, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on another Z series Submariner. My Panerai I'm wearing more as a dress/special occasion watch, and I need a nice daily wearer.
that's how i did it, my sodalite datejust was a few years old but unworn with all stickers. got a great deal, and it's appreciated nicely through the years.