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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
Sure, the watchmaking industry is maybe 300-some odd years old and the clockmaking industry 1000 or so.
But rolex isnt around that long as a watchmaker. In rolex' history, 67 years (ago when the subby was launched) is also quite a long time ago.
Rolex isn't Breguet.

But still then rolex was a luxury brand, being swiss and having an arsenal of gold watches, automatic watches (also uncommon back then) and such.
The submariner was an early waterproof watch, something which still quite uncommon in the 50's, and therefore expensive.
It wasn't a brand the average man (joe worker in the car factory) wore or posessed, so definately not the g-shock of its day's.
Sure it was. Lots of working men saved up for a Rolex back then. Iím not saying a Rolex was inexpensive, but lots of military and dive teachers wore Rolex watches, just like they did G-Shock 30-40 years later. A Submariner was $230 in 1970, which equates to $1530 today. Not cheap, but not $8k. To put that in perspective, the Porsche 911ís price has risen to a bit more than double its price since 1970, accounting for inflation, but a Submariner has risen to over 5x its price in that time. After the quartz crisis, Rolex prices started accelerating.

Now we have $8k, and even $70k, G-Shocks, which is wild.