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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
But those are excessive models, just as there are excessive rolexen. Even back then.
An average G shock still doesnt cost 1500 bucks but rather 200 (they start at 100 I think?), so there is still that 750%+ price difference.
I don't call that being in the same league.

But yes, rolexes have gone up in price exponentially if that's your point. That goes for probably more luxury brands but rolex is definately one of the hottest items right now in watchland.
Yeah, all I'm saying is that, due to the quartz crisis, Rolex sport models transitioned from being tool watches to purely luxury items over time, so this could be the beginning of something similar from Casio.

Sure, you can still buy basic G-Shocks, but there's been a huge wave of higher end collaborations with various designers over the last 5-10 years, and those are usually limited editions that trade for several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars. It's a bit like the Supreme brand.