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NHK a global news outfit out of Japan recently (presently rerunning) two excellent pieces: 1) on Seiko’s discovery of a quartz movement watch. 2) on the initial product design of an impact proof watch the first G-shock.

Couldn’t find the video: the salient facts are - not sure how they discovered a small piece of quartz vibrates to a small electrical charge but, when they tried to use a battery to a small square shaped quartz it vibrated too quickly due to the short dimension making the register run fast, but they realized a small tuning fork shape the same width-x-length as the square acts as a piece of quartz twice it’s actual length, slowing the vibration and making it calibrate-able. Also if the second hand ran smooth like a mechanical watch the battery ran too fast so the had the second hand run at one second pulses and it lengthened battery life.

The G-shock was imagined when a Casio engineer’s watch fell to the floor breaking in pieces when he shook hands with a fellow worker. In developing G-shocks every component was redesigned that couldn’t withstand a drop from an upper level floor of their engineering headquarters.

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