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Originally Posted by JasH View Post
All you guys with deliveries this month, when did you order?

I ordered yesterday, and have delivery in March 2015
In June I traded my V12 Ferrari for an i8 (protonic blue/pure impulse,week 34), an X5D Sport (week 32, due next week ) and an M4 (week 32,ED Sept ). Unloading that depreciating, underused beast, with little warranty left was the best thing I did. Dealer still has the car, price reduced to what he gave me.
I just looked at the last 5 new Ferrari's I had and what loss or gain when I sold them and how long I had the car.
F360 Spider Loss $30,000, 9 months
575M Loss $55,000, 3 years
458 Sold MSRP 3 years
458 Sold MSRP 1 year
FF Loss $120,000 2 and half years.
Nearly 9 years of Ferrari motoring in new cars for an average depreciation of
about $23,000 a year. bacon saved with the 458's.
In the same time period with same money outlay I could have gotten pre Enzo cars which in every case doubled or even trebled in value.
Personally I know 3 other F car owners who are getting off the new F car merry go round. Ominous trends for European and US F car dealers. (?)
Anyone know of a 330/365 GTC for decent money ? (LOL)