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I've never heard of another BMW that attracted so many F car guys. A dealer on another forum posted a photo of a 458 that someone also traded in on an i8 order. It's crazy. And awesome. Definitely a new set of customers.

I still want an F car one day, but not willing to get rid of my BMW(s) for one. Maybe I will buy Arrezo's FF from his dealer when it is discounted another $100k in 2 more years? (I guess used is the way to go with that car). For the record it is my favorite F car, too, man. I will probably get the poor man's FF sooner, which came some 10 or so years before it - the 1999-2002 E36/8 BMW M Coupe. The shape is very similar. That's where the similarities end.

That average depreciation is amazing though, with the help of the 458s. My X6M has depreciated more than that in 1.5 years. Don't even get me started on the MB GL550 I bought for the future ex wife. That thing sank like a rock within months, as the new body style came out. But leveled out since it's only a $90k vehicle. Glad it's a lease!

On the i8 depreciation, yes there will be competition, maybe not for a few years; however I find it hard to see the overall package, especially the design/look, being in the same league as the i8. And the revolution in CFRP production process and it being the first hybrid sports far from BMW (or anyone, for that matter, when excluding the 3 hybrid hypercars) will always be part of the i8 legacy.

For example, the M Coupe I mentioned, was around $45-$50k new and today, 10+ years later, prime examples with the S54 motor from the E46 M3 still run for $35-$45k. There was only one generation and the production was limited, only 670 of the S54 motor cars were sold in North America.

The Z8 took a dip for a short while, then picked back up. I feel the same thing will happen with the i8. It will eventually stabilize and become a collector car. I also do not believe there will be a second generation of i8. When regular BMW series vehicles ride on CFRP/aluminum chassis due to the process developed for BMWi, the i8 will remain the genesis of a whole generation of lighter BMWs. I think over time this will help stabilize values pretty close to MSRP.

I could be wrong, also, of course...