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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
3 is just bargain of the century.. did you want to try as a Marshall there?
yeah can be my friend once they disclose the program for it..

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Most people like Seb and wish him a high finishing place at Monza the heart of Ferrari passion and fans will remember him for his humour as he finishes his races for Ferrari. Unfortunately he has been spreading some doom and gloom of what F1 will become in the near future and basically has pessimistic views that rule changes will steer F1 in the wrong direction and into oblivion.Whether he's referring to the hybrid V6...I don't know really what he's driving at and I'm not sure he does himself.
He said once to bring back the V12's which is the only thing that makes sense to me!
he believes that he can be a champion with V12 again for some time already.. realistically it can be nice to have NA engines soundwise but it doesnt mean that Merc' will suck producing them anyway.. and last time V12's were used like what 25 years.. its a long shot..

and Alonso of course as he is so "agreeable"..

there was one more but i couldnt remember which race he sounded like he was about to cry..
"Race car driving is like sex. All guys think they're good at it." Jay Leno

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