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Lups, run this by me again. You are digging an eight foot deep trench 250 feet long to connect to the city sewer line. I had some thoughts...

First and foremost you do know that the ground can collapse while you are in the trench and people get crushed every year while doing this work. That said, why eight feet? Is it because the main line is already that low in the house? Can you just install a septic system?

I don't know what they call them over there but the tool you need is called a ditchwitch. It is like a giant chain saw for the ground and will leave enough space for running pipe/line etc. The depth is the issue. Even my backhoe here at the farm only goes to six feet. Most trenching is only three feet. For a sewer line that starts at basement level I would determine if the line can be rerouted and exit higher up, then you would only have to dig say two feet most of the way. The line has to have a code level of slope so the refuse washes down. When you get near the trees I can't imagine even with power tools trying to get through those roots let alone with hand tools.

Another option but I doubt anyone rents this is a boring tool. They dig a hole like the one you have started and then they use water to bore/blast a hole under everything without actually doing the trenching. They can run the new line under it all. The problem with this method is cost and large rocks in the way.

Good Luck with it, John
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