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At 6.31 am my phone rang. I picked it up even only with a gallon of coffee under my belt because who calls that early to anyone? I thought it was an emergency! I don't have a strong or any voice in the morning still thanks to the strain the cramps put to my throat so I was whistling to the phone.

A man introduced himself as an employee in my local hardware store and then laughed out loud when he realized all he could hear was the whistling.

"Last night I figured out a way for you to take out thingies that hold the electric cords without damaging the old trimmings. Anyway, whistle your way to the store asap so you can get on with it!"

The kids were in beds so left them a note and went to fetch it with the dog. I thought he was screwing with me but I and my stupid dog walked home with the tool that would save some 100 or so year old wood bits only I would love.

The salesman has witnessed the state of my health over this autumn and since the muscles are getting better now, I'm trying this new thing I'm going to patent: resting. I did my first full day yesterday but I avoid doing things that would strain the muscles on my right side too much. You guys would never believe this, but I have mentioned my sad state a few times irl too.

Anyway, I can't cut the nails that hold the ancient cord holding thingies that are made out of metal because that would damage the wood. I can't pull them out with a hammer because the studs give in and they're stuck there bigly. I can't use a crowbar because my right arm is my crowbar hand and mine was made to take down buildings.

So off to home we went with my solution to nails on wood I wanted to preserve before the clock hit seven am.

Yes. I fucking know that's a crowbar.

That's why I was sure he was fucking with me, but the poor man had actually thought about my pathetic ass on his free time, thought about how to solve it for me, and it worked. I saved the moulding in the ceiling because that's sturdy but tiny enough not to do damage.

It was a very kind thing from him to do, and I'll never forget him for it. When I grow up, I hope I'll be as good of a person as that man is.
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