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Originally Posted by Leto1701 View Post
This is a complex topic. It is different for the old and new models, every driving mode, specific configuration of minimum charge, etc. You can put the pictogram that shows you exactly which motor works in which role to the split screen permanently.

A hefty throttle input will engage the ICE in all but the pure EV modes and sports where it is always engaged. Your dash shows the transition power limits for ICE engagement. In sports if you manually lock a gear and floor it, the eBoost gives you everything but a 1,5l 3 cyl. feeling, even at 1800 rpm in 6th gear. My favorite Autobahn cruise mode at 160 kph. Charges the battery to 75% in a couple minutes too.

ICE engines are very inefficient at partial load, around 10%. The i8 will use more power from the ICE than required to maintain current speed to charge the battery if you tell it to, or simply disengage the electric motor in other setups. Sounds complicated but is transparent to the user. Some drive train strategies require the user to provoke them, like Sports 6th gear cruising with eBoost, because in automatic mode, Sports only shifts up to 5th.
Interesting that it will not take 6th in sports. I manually change up but then you have to go from sports to comfort to get back to automatic mode. Quirky to say the least.