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Originally Posted by Leto1701 View Post
Odd. 5% at 112kph per mile would mean 20 miles only at that speed or less at 6%. So in real units that's 32km of range or less. I go 3x a week 45km at 120kph on a charge with some to spare. That's why I thought you referred to the old one. EV mode, EcoPro, roof down, aircon obviously off.

There are a lot of parameters required to get to comparable numbers here...
Fully charged it will show up as a 35 mile range with gentle driving, and I'm pretty confident I could get that fully on 50mph roads or less. The 70mph motorway driving sucks the battery from what I can see. If you monitor the battery % on the e-drive page it would be great to see how over 10 miles or so of e-drive what your starting and finishing % is at 70 mph?