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Originally Posted by MolarBear View Post
Fully charged it will show up as a 35 mile range with gentle driving, and I'm pretty confident I could get that fully on 50mph roads or less. The 70mph motorway driving sucks the battery from what I can see. If you monitor the battery % on the e-drive page it would be great to see how over 10 miles or so of e-drive what your starting and finishing % is at 70 mph?
Not just that. Make the experiment. Get into the fully charged car. Put it in EV only, comfort. Look at the range. Then put it in EcoPro. The range should increase. This is driven by a changed power pedal response (I like it better) and reduced aircon/heating. Now turn the aircon off. Now the range will significantly increase. I drive like that whenever I can put the roof down (hey, it's a convertible) and get around 54km indicated range. Vmax is 120kph in pure electric modes on the new i8. That's my speed on the Autobahn in EV mode. I get to about 45km like that because wind resistance increases with speed square.

So everything you try needs to be while taking down at least:

Wind speed and direction
Drive mode
Roof position
Aircon setting
Wheel dimensions

The above numbers are for 215/245 stock wheels. In winter I drive 215/215 stock turbine wheels and they have an even better range on a warm day with aircon off and roof down... and so on.

B.t.w., the App only indicates the EV comfort range because it doesn't know which mode you choose. If you just press the eDrive button that's the mode you will be in, comfort mode with full aircon/heating.

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