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for a guy almost half-dead and you still have time to post on this forum?

damn, you should be given a medal for this.

welcome to the new year! consider yourself cleansed...

Originally Posted by Spool View Post
Thurs night my buddies and i ate at a chinese restaurant, we got lobster deep fried, sauteed beef, and steamed chicken....since then ive been shitting every 30 minutes and have not been able to keep any liquid or food down so i just stopped eating and hasn't been able to eat...i spent NYE lying in bed in a fetal position, it's now monday night and im taking a shit right now as i post this up....all liquid, greenish in color and explosive...anyone have anything like this before? I tried immodium AD but it doesn't work, i've lost over 15 lbs in the last few days, my buddies are just as bad, but i think i have it the worst...

had a nasty fever friday night into saturday, headaches, loss of appetite, i have ZERO energy...all i want to do is lie there, i can't even sleep cuz my head is pounding...ive had food poisoning before, but it's never this severe, so im thinking it's something doctor is not back till tomorrow so i will def go see him.
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