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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
OMG I laughed hard at this thread. Not at your discomfort Spool, cause that ain't right, but OMG the tags

I know what you went through, and I NEVER eat a chinese buffets on account of it. I once had to go lights and sirens back to the station, run in whilst ripping off my belt, vest and other equipment so that I didn't shit my uniform. I was a very close thing, and my co-workers knew not to get in my way just by the look on my face!

Glad you are ok and that you have a sense of humor about this!
visited my mom and sister the other day and the story was, "Chinese food tonight" and i was like "oh really.... what's around here to eat?"

I love asian food, but i don't trust it. Fortunatly the power went off for 2 hours, so we had to get creative instead of ordering out.

I also have a friend who worked as an exterminator on the west coast, he's mentioned that he'll never get asian food again from a restaurant. Only time he'll make asian is on his own time. He's just seen too many bad things.