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visited my mom and sister the other day and the story was, "Chinese food tonight" and i was like "oh really.... what's around here to eat?"

I love asian food, but i don't trust it. Fortunatly the power went off for 2 hours, so we had to get creative instead of ordering out.

I also have a friend who worked as an exterminator on the west coast, he's mentioned that he'll never get asian food again from a restaurant. Only time he'll make asian is on his own time. He's just seen too many bad things.
Yeah, I've found open doors on restaurants in Chinese restaurants in town. Nasty. One left giant bowls of rice uncovered out in the kitchen and there was flies all ove them. Disgusting. You know they were saving that rice for tomorrow. No thank you.
You guys must of went into those really low end Chinese restaurants..